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2024 Stockholders Meeting

January 03, 2024


Dear Members,

      The 2024 stockholders meeting will be held on February 20th at 6:00 pm at the Schwertner Community Center located at the intersection of FM 487 & FM 1105. All members are encouraged to attend. A regular business meeting will follow the stockholders meeting.

      Election for water supply corporations (Corporation) is governed by the Texas Water Code, Section 67. One of the provisions of this Code allows the Corporation to have an uncontested election. To have an uncontested election the number of applicants for directorship must equal to the number of positions up for election.

      On October 31, 2023 notices to apply for directorships were posted at the Corporations’ office, on it’s website, and at Bell and Williams county courthouse. The posted deadline was December 28, 2023. As of that date three applications for three positions had been received. Therefore, an uncontested election has occurred.