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Change of disinfectant for area between Salado & Holland





Jarrell-Schwertner Water Supply Corporation (the Corporation) has been notified that CTWSC is temporarily changing their method of disinfecting water in their treatment process. The change is effective February 15, 2020.


The Corporation uses CTWSC water in limited areas of the water system. The affected areas are:


Dove’s Landing

Live Oak Subdivision

Amity Road from Salado Creek south to Marie Lane

Areas around Highway 95, north and east of Bartlett, TX but not including Bartlett


CTWSC normally uses Chloramines to disinfect the water. While an effect disinfectant there is a remote possibility that nitrates and nitrites may form in the water distribution system. To help prevent this formation the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality suggests changing disinfectants to Free Chlorine, a stronger disinfectant, for a period of time. The Free Chlorine will aide in ridding the water system of any conditions that may cause nitrate or nitrite to form. Free Chlorine is not a desirable continuous disinfectant due to certain organic materials found in the surface water supplies which is what CTWSC treats. However Free Chlorine is used in well water due to the lack of organic materials and is, in fact, used in the Corporation’s water serving the vast majority of its’ members.


CTWSC believes that they will use Free Chlorine until March 15, 2020 at which time they will convert back to Chloramines. If you live in the areas described above and experience any water quality issues please contact the Corporations’ office for assistance.


The Corporation may be contacted at 512-746-2114 or office@jswatersupply.com.


Thank you for your understanding.