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Looking for leaks

The Corporation is on the lookout for leaks. If you spot any running water, wet spots, or are experiencing low water pressure, please notify the office immediately.

CR 311 & CR 145 boil notice lifted

The Corporation has received the results for the water samples taken after we completed the work at the intersection of CR 311 & CR 145. The samples passed and we are lifting the notice. We will be notifying the customers affected the same way that they were notified the other day. We will post a flyer on the doors of the affected customers. Thank you for your patience and have a great day.

Work at CR 311 & CR 145

We will be doing work at the intersection of CR 311 & CR 145 starting at 8:30 am on 6/13/17. You will have to boil your water if you live in the affected area. You will know you live in the affected area by the flyers we left on your door or gate. If you have not received a flyer, chances are you are NOT affected. If you lose all pressure after 8:30 and have not received a flyer, please call the office. Thank you for your patience.